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This extensive, 150 page, website (best viewed using Google Chrome) is dedicated to the life and work of M M Kaye. 

Thank YouMy primary aim is to provide as much information about this remarkable author and artist as possible.  To this end, I have included a definitive Bibliography page plus dozens of web pages displaying book covers from around the world for those interested in seeing how Mollie's books have been exploited in different parts of the globe.  This is more important than ever now that Mollie's books are currently out-of-print in many countries.  I have also included interviews, book reviews, numerous biographical articles and synopses of her out-of-print children's books. Examples of Mollie's sketches, illustrations and watercolours can be found via the Illustrations and Paintings menu.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking M M Kaye and her family for their support and generous donation of over 100 foreign language editions of her books for use on this website.  If you possess different book covers to the ones displayed and are willing to have them posted on this website for others to enjoy, then please send your scans to me via the e-mail link. Also if you notice any errors, then please let me know. Thank you.

M M Kaye may be the only author in the family but she is certainly not the only artist in the family. Indeed, the love of painting has permeated through four generations of the Kaye family: from the delicate watercolours of Mollie's mother, Lady Daisy Kaye, to the pastel portaits of her sister Betty Kaye; to Mollie's husband Major Gen Goff Hamilton and their daughter Carolyn Bachman who works in a variety of mediums including oils, watercolours and sculpture. M M Kaye's grand-daughter and Carolyn's daughter, Mollie Bachman, is the latest member of the family to pick up a brush and has chosen acrylics as her preferred medium.

A selection of paintings from each generation can be accessed via the Illustrations and Paintings section of this website. If you have any paintings from any members of the Kaye family and are willing to have them displayed on this website for others to enjoy, then please send your scans to me via the e-mail link. Thank you.


by Michael Kourt:

The Goose Wish: Oopsie Doopsie, a gander with very poor eye-sight, crash lands into the garden of Trisha La Tisha, a goose determined to make this bumbling new visitor notice her no matter what it takes. But first she needs Berty Lerty's help! Time to make a goose wish!

The Goose That Popped Off: Indianna is a young goose with a problem - and it’s a smelly one. When she least expects it, her bottom goes: pop-pop, popperty-pop, popperty-pop-pop, pop-pop-popperty- Poo! This is the story of how Windyanna learns to control her popping off but not before she saves her family from the teeth of a hungry fox.


Oopsie Doopsie Goes Fishing: Once a year Oopsie Doopsie, his wife Trisha la Tisha andtheirseven goslings would fly to the Big River for a holiday. Oopsie Doopsie would spend each day sitting by the water's edge fishing. Trisha la Tisha would sie beside her husband and knit winter scarves for their seven children while they would spend the entire day playing by themselves. But what they really wanted was to play with their dad. This is the story of how the seven goslings, with the help of their mum hatch a clever plan to get their dad to give up fishing once and for all.

Oopsie Doopsie and the Big Red Fish: When Oopsie Doopsie saved the life of Mrs Redfish, she promised to return the favour if ever he was in need of help. Oopsie Doopsie honked with laughter at the very idea for how could a big red fish ever help a goose? But when Oopsie Doopsie was abaout to be caught by two young boys who wanted him for a tasty goose pie, Mrs Redfish and her 326 children came to the rescue just in time.

Four charming tales for young children who will enjoy following the story and pictures with their parents, grandparents or carers as they read aloud these exciting, amusing and magical adventures. Available via Amazon or from local bookstores. Click on covers for link.