House of Shade 1959BOOK REVIEWS OF 'HOUSE OF SHADE' (1959)

I thought you might be interested in reading a newspaper review of House of Shade (re-issued as Death in the Zanzibar in 1983) when the book was originally published in 1959.

HOUSE OF SHADE is a murder mystery.  After some colourful scenes in London, Miss Kaye transports her principal character to Zanzibar, where from the elements of Communist intrigue, search for treasure and a corpse or two she works out a well-organised story, making the most of the local colour. New Zealand Listener, 29 January 1960

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And here are some newspaper reviews when the House of Shade was republished in 1983 as Death In Zanzibar.

‘I recommend it wholeheartedly to those who fancy the idea of Agatha Christie with a touch of romantic suspense.’
Auberon Waugh in The Standard

‘A plot whirling round buried gold, a couple of murders, and suspects aplenty… bitchily gossipy; gently ingenious.’
Sunday Times

‘Death in Zanzibar is a thoroughly engrossing novel.  It has the rich and dramatic story of a romance and conflict which we have come to expect of M M Kaye, plus a diverting mystery which has a logical but very surprising climax. This should be a really double-double-plus, and indeed it is.  My congratulations to the publisher, the author, and to her millions of devoted readers.’
Mignon G Eberhart, author

‘A best-selling writer’s first-rate murder mystery has been combined with a romance to tickle everyone’s fancy…
M M Kaye originally wrote this beautifully crafted… novel some years ago.  She has revised it for this edition, and it si indeed worthy of another plaudit for this extraordinary writer.’
San Diego Union